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Youth Music pioneers new working partnerships







11TH OCTOBER, 2013





Pioneering new 'Exchanging Notes' music projects support young people at risk



The National Foundation for Youth Music launched a pioneering new initiative today to fund partnerships between schools and other specialist music education providers. Grants of up to £120,000 will be made available for music projects delivered by these new partnerships.


The 'Exchanging Notes' initiative will also include an action research project to evaluate the educational, musical and other outcomes of these new models of partnerships. Over a four year period, they will be followed to examine how the distinctive educational approaches used in school and in out-of-school settings may be combined. The study will then explore the benefits of the combined approach for young people at risk of low attainment, disengagement or educational exclusion.


The decision to launch the action research project follows publication of Youth Music's 'Communities of Music Education' pilot study which highlighted some of the key differences in music education experienced outside and inside the classroom. The study noted that the teaching style used in the out-of-school music projects that were observed, placed an equal focus on personal and social outcomes as well as musical outcomes. The findings also indicated that partnership-working between different settings was a positive and valuable process with practitioners recognising strengths in different methods of delivery.


Youth Music believes that the "Exchanging Notes' module will be an opportunity to explore the benefits of this combined approach for music projects taking place both in and outside of school. It will further encourage the exchange of ideas, practice and understanding of effective music teaching techniques between practitioners working in these different settings.


Matt Griffith says:  "There are many great examples of high-quality effective music education practice across in-school and out-of-school settings. No rigorous study over such a long period has ever been done of the benefits of combining these different approaches for young people at risk of low attainment or exclusion, so we hope that this research will stimulate fresh thinking and improve our collective understanding of high-quality music education. Ultimately, we want to give young people the widest possible variety of ways to work with music."


GRANTS OF UP TO £120,000


Youth Music is now seeking applications for grant awards of up to £120,000 from partnerships between schools (or a number of schools working together) and external music organisations. Projects are expected to commence delivery in September 2014 and run for four academic terms until July 2018, with grant awards of up to £30,000 available per year, totalling £120,000 over the four year period. The closing date for receipt of applications is Monday 10th February, 2014. 


Ten projects will be selected and the delivery of the music education activity will be subject to a large-scale independent evaluation. Each project will take part in a longitudinal action research study over a four year period to evaluate the overall impact of the combined approach in relation to the target group of young people facing challenging circumstances in their lives.


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