Monday, March 5, 2018

Fwd: Short online listening test


We are conducting a series of listening tests and we would like you to participate. We are hoping to get as many candidates as possible, as soon as possible, to add more results to our body. The test itself should be conducted in a quiet environment either with headphones or loudspeakers.

The tests is broken up into two parts. You do not need to do both back-to-back (and I would advise you to take a break), however the tests are not strenuous to complete. Each test will load a lot of audio, so please be patient during the loading stage (it is not uncommon for the interface to feel unresponsive as all the assets load in) and read the instructions carefully.

Each part of the test is being completed in about 15 minutes. 
Please do send this around (to colleagues, students, and other groups). 
Part 1: 
Part 2: 
Thank you all very much for participating in this study.
Best wishes,