Sunday, December 3, 2017


The ORFEU Journal, from PPGMUS / UDESC (BRAZIL), announces a Call for Papers for a Special Issue on the Psychology of Music, to be released in July 2018. The ORFEU Journal is a publication of the Postgraduate Programme in Music (PPGMUS) of the Centre for the Arts (CEART) of Santa Catarina State University (UDESC). ORFEU welcomes academic work which has national and/or international scope.
The Special Issue on the Psychology of Music will be coordinated by the invited editors Professor Graham Welch (UCL Institute of Education) and Dr. Luciana Hamond (UDESC). The aim of this Special Issue is to disseminate knowledge of research studies in the interface between psychology of music and music education. This Special Issue also encourages the dissemination of research in psychology of music which reports research methodologies with practical implications for music education. Articles in English, Spanish and Portuguese are welcome, as well as translations (or commentated versions) of original articles. Suggested topics for this Special Issue are:
- Cognition and music education
- Creativity and music education
- Feedback and music education
- Music and the brain
- Music and well-being
- Musical behaviour and development (childhood; adolescence; adults and older adults; and special needs)
- Musical learning and teaching (individual and in groups)
- Musical performance
- Technology and music education
Papers should be between 6,000 and 12,000 words (excluding title, abstract, keywords and references).  Submissions can be in English, Spanish or Portuguese, and should address at least one of the topics listed above. Researchers should avoid referring to their own names within the submitted papers. Acceptance of paper submissions will be determined by anonymous peer review. Researchers should pay close attention to proofreading and formatting in order to ensure that the submitted paper is sufficiently well-presented for publishing in the ORFEU's Special Issue in Psychology of Music. Please also make sure that you address any comments made by the peer reviewers in the review process.
Deadline for submissions: 18/02/2018 
*If you are not registered on the ORFEU Journal system, please register yourself as an author before submitting your paper.
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Should you have questions about any of the above points, feel free to write to, by writing on the subject area: "Psychology of Music".
Kind regards,
Dr. Luciana Hamond (Invited Editor, UDESC, Brazil)
Professor Graham Welch (Invited Editor, UCL-Institute of Education, UK)