Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fwd: Sound Talking - 3 November at the London Science Museum - final schedule

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Please find the updated programme below.
For catering purposes we kindly request that you book before the end
of the week.

an interdisciplinary workshop on 'language describing sound / sound
emulating language'

Friday 3 November 2017, London Science Museum

Info and registration:

Sound Talking is a one-day event at the London Science Museum that
seeks to explore the complex relationships between language and sound,
both historically and in the present day. It aims to identify the
perspectives and methodologies of current research in the
ever-widening field of sound studies, and to locate productive
interactions between disciplines.

Bringing together audio engineers, psychiatrists, linguists,
musicologists, and historians of literature and medicine, we will be
asking questions about sound as a point of linguistic engagement. We
will consider the terminology used to discuss sound, the invention of
words that capture sonic experience, and the use and manipulation of
sound to emulate linguistic descriptions. Talks will address singing
voice research, improving film accessibility through audio, new music
production tools, auditory neuroscience, sounds in literature, and the
sounds of the insane asylum.

Updated programme
- Maria Chait (UCL Ear Institute) - The auditory system as the brain's
early warning system
- Jonathan Andrews (Newcastle University) - Bedlam as soundscape:
Noise at early modern Bethlem
- Melissa Dickson (University of Oxford) - Sounding out the body: The
nineteenth-century stethoscope and the language of the heart
- Mariana Lopez (University of York) - The language of sound: Creating
accessible film experiences for visually impaired audiences
HISTORIC ARTEFACT DISPLAY (Aleks Kolkowski) - make your own wax
cylinder recording, and more!
- David Howard (Royal Holloway University of London) - The sound of
voice and voice of sound
- Brecht De Man (Queen Mary University of London) - "A bit more
ooomph": The language of music production
- Mandy Parnell (Black Saloon Studios) - Artistic direction: The
various languages
- Trevor Cox (Salford University) - Categories for quotidian sounds

The £30 fee covers lunch, breaks, and the wine reception.

For more information, visit or contact the workshop chairs:
Melissa Dickson <>
Brecht De Man <>




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