Monday, May 22, 2017

one-day- conference on PROFESSIONAL DOCTORATES


This one-day-conference aims to explore how researching professionals transform both their professional practices and identities through innovative approaches to simultaneously engage with professional and academic worlds. This conference will engage delegates in possibility thinking around doctoral journeys and outcomes. Engagement will be interactive, exploratory, performative with extended dialogues on sustaining the impact of the professional doctorate. Submission should be addressed to ONE of the following themes (with particular emphasis on sharing tools that help):
Researching and writing reflexively
Innovating and sustaining impact as researching professionals
Possibility thinking around doctoral journeying
The day has been organised to provide time for discussion of themes emerging throughout the day and to plan future dissemination and events. Lunch and teatime refreshments will be provided.
More information on the programme for the day will be posted on the EdD website:

Keynotes by Prof Karen Littleton and Prof Saville Kushner
Plus: A panel sharing approaches to developing portfolio dissertation designs Our Faculty EdD Research Community presentations

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Registration fee £25

Doctoral Researchers  - Transforming Knowledge, Transforming Practice
Karen Littleton is Professor of Education at the Open University, UK. She has research expertise in the psychology of education and collaborative creativity. Karen is currently responsible for capacity building within the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology, the second largest educational research unit in the UK. She is also the writer-in- residence at Westbury Arts Centre, Bucks.
In this session, we will consider how EdD researchers are distinctively placed to create innovative, research-based solutions to contemporary educational challenges. We will explore how the EdD research process is implicated in the creation of sustainable impact and the transformative legacies of such work.

Methodology in an Age of Madness: The Role of the EdD
in Professional Recovery
It's a big leap from an EdD dissertation to the collapse of the welfare state, Brexit and Trump
- but the bigger picture is always there. We are all implicated. In fact, the EdD occupies a special place in how we, as professionals, respond to this fast-changing, sometimes scary world. We need to reflect on how we got here, develop new ways of understanding and new forms of action. Saville, recently returned from his post as Professor of Public Evaluation at the University of Auckland, will talk about methodological creativity. He is a specialist in

We will feature interactive experiences of diverse 'portfolio' designs shared by panellists EdD graduand Dr Caroline Creaby, EdD a/r/tographer Rebecca Heaton and guests. The Faculty Librarians will be present and engaged with supporting doctoral students' journeys.
There will be awards given to the Faculty EdD communities with the most engaging and innovative
Presentation – Poster – Panel – Workshop