Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fwd: CMC concert 10 Feb

In C, by American composer Terry Riley, is a 'minimalist' piece (some
say the first minimalist piece), composed in 1964. Scored for any
combination of forces (instruments and/or voices) it is written so as
to give performers a lot of freedom, but requires accuracy of reading
and counting, and an ability to listen to what others are doing.

We are intending to perform In C as the main item in a UCL Chamber
Music Club lunchtime concert on Friday 10 February. We have a core of
recruits, most of whom took part in a previous performance in 2010,
but there is room for more! If you are interested please let me know
(reply to, indicating your instrument or voice.
(Keyboard players - if you sing or play another instrument, that would
be very useful.)

There will be a rehearsal next Thursday (19th) in Room G15, Chandler
House, 2 Wakefield Street, WC1N 1PF. Anyone is welcome to come along: More rehearsals will be
arranged for the following weeks.

You can find a copy of the score and performing directions at, and
of course if you google 'terry riley in c' you can find more
information about the piece (some of it accurate...), extracts to
listen to etc.

Those of us involved in the previous performance found the project to
be quite challenging but enjoyable and musically worthwhile. I look
forward to hearing from volunteers.

Best wishes,

Roger Beeson, Deputy Chair, CMC.