Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fwd: Voice Foundation 2016

Dear Colleague,

If you are headed to Philadelphia for the Care of the Professional Voice meeting next month, I thought you might appreciate a quick preview of the wonderful and growing list of books on display at our booth. Plus, I have listed a couple of forthcoming titles that I know will be of interest. And if you cannot make it this year, please feel free to view details on our website.

We also hope to display a number of other books of interest from other publishing colleagues and, space permitting, are happy to incorporate your own books if you are published.

Hope to see you there! 


Jaime Eaglin Moore, Robert T Sataloff, Mary J Hawkshaw (Eds) -                Vocal Fold Scar: Current Concepts and Management

Robert T Sataloff - Medical Musings

Sharat Mohan et al. - A Practical Guide to Laryngeal Framework Surgery (November 2016)

Tom Harris et al. - Voice Clinic Handbook 2ed (November 2016)


Speech & Language Pathology

Sue M. Jones - Laryngeal Endoscopy and Voice Therapy (March 2016)

Anne E. Vertigan & Peter Gibson - Speech Pathology Management of Chronic 

Refractory Cough and Related Disorders (June 2016)

Paul Carding - Evaluating the Effectiveness of Voice Therapy: Functional, Organic and Neurogenic Voice Disorders 2ed (November 2016)

Jan Baker - Psychosocial Perspectives on the Management of Voice Disorders (November 2016)

Singing, Voice, and the Performing Arts

Adam Rubin - The Vocal Pitstop (2014)

Robert T Sataloff et al. - 50 Ways to Abuse your Voice (2014)

Jenevora Williams - Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults (2014)

Jennie Morton - The Authentic Performer: Wearing a Mask and the Effect on Health (2015)

Nicola Harrison  - The Wordsmith's Guide to English Song: Poetry, Music and Imagination - The Songs of Ivor Gurney (June 2016)

Nicola Harrison - The Wordsmith's Guide to English Song: Poetry, Music and Imagination - The Songs of Roger Quilter (June 2016)

Filipa La - The Female Singing Voice (November 2016)

Ron Morris & Linda Hutchison - IF IN DOUBT, BREATHE OUT! Breathing and Support Based on the Accent Method (July 2016)

Jean Callaghan - Singing and Science: Body, Brain and Voice 2ed (2014)

Michelle Nova and Patricia Collins - Singing Bel Canto: Art and Science (2014)

Martin Ashley - Contemporary Choral Work with Boys (2015)

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