Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fully funded PhD studentships - Open University

The Computing and Communications department of the Open University has fully funded PhD studentships(s) available ( £14,296 per year).  Deadline is Tues 31st May.

 If interested, please contact me (Dr Robin Laney: robin.laney @ for an informal discussion and advice on constructing a proposal early, as a polished proposal will be needed.

 Applications from part-time candidates also welcome.

 I am interested in hearing from candidates in music computing, particularly for combinations of the following topics, but students are free to choose an area.

 Musical Contrast (and Similarity)
 Music and Emotion
 Music and Narrative
 Computational Creativity
 Computational Musicology
 Musical Pattern Discovery
 Statistical Music Generation
 Music for Computer Games
 Collaborative Music Environments
 Musical Tabletops
 MIR in Creative Settings

 A separate topic that might be of interest, and draw on some of the same themes and technologies, is the use of ubiquitous technology in group conflict resolution.