Wednesday, April 20, 2016



On Saturday the 16th of April, a powerful 7.8 Richter
scale earthquake shook Ecuador's northwestern coast.

More than 450 (numbers estimated to rise over few thousands) people
have lost their lives and near

2,500 have been reported injured. In addition, over 500 buildings
including homes, hospitals and schools have either been completely
destroyed or severely damaged. Meanwhile, these figures continue to
increase as rescue teams make their way through the rubbles.

Thousands of people have lost it all. Out of their homes, they are now
seeking shelter exposed to different types of diseases. They are in
desperate need of blankets, mattresses, medicine, food, and access to
potable water. The images of the people affected are heart wrenching.

Ecuadorian students in the United Kingdom with the support of the
Ecuadorian Embassy, have come together to raise funds for their
country as it faces this arduous humanitarian challenge. We are asking
you to join in and help contribute to the initiative #FuerzaEcuador.
All donations will be directed to increase the capacity of emergency
teams deployed in affected areas. These funds will help provide vital
aid to people in need. These people need your help, and they need it
promptly. Every single contribution counts and will make a difference
in the lives of families pulled apart or left homeless.

To donate, please follow this link:

This an official initiative run by students in different
universities in the UK with the Ecuadorian

Embassy. For more information please do not hesitate contacting us:
Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom

Ecuadorians from the following universities:

London School of Economics and Political Science, University College
London, King's College London, Goldsmiths, University of London,
Brunel University London, University of Oxford, The University of
Nottingham, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London,
University of Strathclyde, University of Leeds, University of
Leicester, Southampton University, The University of Nottingham,
University of Manchester, University of Newcastle.

Help us, stand up for #FuerzaEcuador. PLEASE DONATE NOW!

Photo Credit: New York Times, 2016