Wednesday, February 24, 2016

cfp: Music Education in Context



Music Education in Context


Edited by

Hilary McQueen, Andrea Creech, Maria Varvarigou


publishing summer 2017



The power of music to enrich and enhance people's lives is well documented. There are numerous examples of the positive impact of music education. The contexts in which people of all ages learn about music vary widely, yet each can provide the catalyst for engagement with music that can have both individual and more extensive benefits. Therefore, particularly at a time of financial constraints and global unrest, it is important that the contribution of education in the arts, such as music, is kept to the fore.


For this special feature in the London Review of Education we invite articles that demonstrate or seek to gain a better understanding of the ways in which music education contribute to individual health, well-being, or broader educational gains, or to community and societal cohesion. Papers might refer to research reports of completed work or work in progress. Particularly welcome would be evidence for the contribution that music education makes in a specific context, which might be a country, a county, a local community, or a project that promotes music education for a specific purpose. Other contributions could take the form of a review of resources for music education, including those available online. As the journal is an open-access online publication, we also welcome the inclusion of auditory or visual material.


Articles are usually in the form of 6,000-word research articles, but the editors are open to considering other types of material – such as shorter research commentaries – that are appropriate for an academic journal. All contributions will be subject to full peer review. It is essential that auditory and visual material of individuals or groups meets ethical requirement including the informed consent of those represented.


Please send abstracts, outlines and expressions of interest to Dr Hilary McQueen ( by 25 July 2016. The deadline for article submissions is 25 November 2016. Informal enquiries are welcome and should be addressed to Hilary.