Monday, January 11, 2016

Fwd: Second Call for Participation: Workshop on Auditory Neuroscience, Cognition and Modelling

Dear All (with apologies for cross-posting),

On February 17th, 2016, a workshop on Auditory Neuroscience, Cognition
and Modelling will be held at Queen Mary University of London. We aim
to bring together cognitive scientists, neuroscientists and computer
scientists working on sound and music processing, as well as
researchers from related fields. In particular, we are interested in
fostering interdisciplinary collaborations between psychologists and
neuroscientists studying auditory perception and computer scientists
and engineers engaged in auditory modelling and signal processing. New
insights on the computational, cognitive and neural underpinnings of
speech, music and sound processing will be presented, with a focus on
EEG and MEG data analysis. The workshop will provide an opportunity
for researchers to gain a deeper understanding of current research
methods and to foster multidisciplinary collaborations.

Further information is available on the website:

Registration is free but mandatory and can be done here:

== Call for Abstracts ==

We invite you to submit an abstract for poster presentation. A subset
of the submissions will be selected for oral presentation. We welcome
all submissions addressing the processing of sound and music from a
cognitive/neuroscientific or computational perspective. Please send your
submission in a text file (.txt, .rtf or .doc) to, containing the following information:

1) Title
2) Author names
3) Author affiliations
4) Corresponding author's email address
5) Abstract (max. 400 words)

The deadline for submissions is January 17th, 2016.

We look forward to receiving your registrations and paper submissions.

The organising committee:

Marcus Pearce
Emmanouil Benetos
Yvonne Blokland

Music Cognition Lab, Queen Mary University of London