Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fwd: NIME 2016 – 3rd Call for Participation

NIME 2016 – 3rd Call for Participation

NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) is the premier conference in designing human-machine interfaces and interactions for musical performance. NIME gathers researchers and practitioners together for lectures, installations, concerts, and workshops.
NIME 2016 will be held in Brisbane, Australia, from 11-15 July 2016.
Web site: http://nime2016.org
Call for Participation
Submission of new work for presentation at the conference is invited in the following categories:
    •     Papers and Posters
    •    Performances, Installations and Exhibitions
    •    Demonstrations
    •    Workshops and Unconference day activities

Important Dates
    •    Submission: January 25, 2016.
    •    Review notification: March 28, 2016
    •    Camera-ready paper/program note deadline: April 18, 2016

Theme and Process
The thematic focus of this year's conference is Musician & Machine. Submissions that extend, stretch, or challenge the NIME topics and themes, are also welcome. Submissions should be made at the dedicated submission site.
This year all submissions (including papers) are encouraged to include a short video, that assists in demonstrating the research claims, performance aesthetic, quality of demonstration, etc. Papers, video or program notes from all accepted submissions will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN/ISBN reference, and will be archived online after the conference to be tracked by citation tools.
All submissions will be subject to a peer review process by an international expert committee. Given the new focus on accompanying video documentation, the review process will be single-blind for all categories (this means the author's identities will be known to the reviewers, but the reviewers will remain anonymous).
In addition to submissions that address the specific theme (Musician & Machine) of this year's edition of the conference, original contributions are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following topics:
    •    Novel controllers, interfaces or instruments for musical expression
    •    Augmented/hyper instruments
    •    Novel technologies for collaborative performance
    •    Theoretical or philosophical discussions about performing with new interfaces
    •    Sensor, actuator technologies, haptic and force feedback devices
    •    Explorations of the relationship between motion, gesture and music
    •    Interfaces for musical expression for people with special needs
    •    Musical applications of robotics
    •    New performance paradigms for mobile music technologies
    •    Musical mapping strategies
    •    Embedded musical instruments and embedded sound art installations
    •    Interactive sound art and installations
    •    Musical human-computer interaction
    •    Interface protocols and data formats
    •    Performance rendering and generative algorithms
    •    Machine learning in musical performance
    •    Artistic, cultural, and social impact of NIME technology
    •    User studies and evaluations of new interfaces for musical expression

More information
Visit the NIME 2016 web site (http://nime2016.org) for further details about the conference and submission requirements.

We hope to see you at NIME 2016.