Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fwd: UCL Chamber Music Club - string players needed

Dear All,

I'm seeking to put together an orchestra for this year's Chamber Music
Club Christmas Concert, which will be held in the North Cloisters on
Tuesday 15 December at 6pm (until 7). There will likely be a dress
rehearsal before the concert (from 5pm).

The works include Bach's G minor Mass (one of the four Lutheran
Masses), which has some lovely moments and is scored for strings and
oboes (Oboes could be played by flutes, without too much difficulty).
There will likely be a string concerto as well (one of Handel's
concerti grossi). Could you please let me know if you are available,
and I'll set up a google poll to identify the most suitable rehearsal

We had a great concert last year and it would be great to see as many
of you as can make it.

Best wishes

Bryan Solomon