Monday, June 8, 2015

Fwd: Registration - Numbers, Noises and Notes: Quantitative Data and Music Research, Symposium - 16th June 2015

Numbers, Noises and Notes: Quantitative Data and Music Research
10:00 to 18:00, Tuesday 16th June 2015
The Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex

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This one-day symposium is the culmination of an AHRC Collaborative Skills Project on Quantitative Data for Music Researchers run by the University of Sussex, in partnership with the Institute for Musical Research at The University of London School of Advanced Studies. The project featured a series of workshops, hosted at the IMR, covering a broad range of topics around the use of quantitative data in music research, creative practice and composition. These workshops were led by Daniel Müllensiefen (Goldsmiths), Joel Ryan (Sonology, The Hague/STEIM), and Stephen Rose (Royal Holloway) covering topics including: music and the brain, music as data, quantitative music analysis, data analysis tools, data visualization, audience analysis, time/space in performance, performance technologies, data sonification, big data and music history, text-mining, digitization and the archive/library.
The symposium offers the opportunity to explore some of this territory in more depth, examining specific research projects, sharing compositional/creative practice and offering a forum for further discussion.

Presentations & installations:

Sally-Jane Norman - Introduction to Sussex Humanities Lab

Chris Kiefer - Earwyrm: Creating Gaming Experiences based on Realtime Music Information Retrieval

Tillman Weyde - Analysing Big Music Data : Audio Transcription and Pitch Analysis of World and Traditional Music

Sarah Price - Quantitative Research in Audience Studies; What Can Academics Bring?

Nicholas Stylianou - Working with MIDI data for Musicology

Wesley Goatley - The Listener: Politics of Surveillance in Data Sonification

Allan Seago - Multidimensional Scaling and Musical Timbre

Michaela Palmer - Severn Sounds Player

Contact Danny Bright - - for more information.

Tickets are free but places are limited. Lunch will be provided. If you sign up for a ticket but subsequently cannot attend, please get in touch asap so the place can be freed up.



Dr Evangelos Himonides FBCS CITP
Reader in Technology, Education and Music
University College London