Friday, May 8, 2015

Singing belongs to everyone - How to get millions of children singing within the span of a generation

Singing belongs to everyone - How to get millions of children singing within the span of a generation

Maybe this sentence sounds familiar, but we have used it also for our new international inspirational guide for choirs, published by Koor&Stem. It is a guide for all choirs, singers and choral conductors who want to share their passion for singing with children and youngsters. 

The basic idea of the guide is that the environment in which children are brought up plays a crucial role in the choice of their artistic hobbies and that there is a fantastic potential in the European choir community to convince their local communities of the importance of singing for children: all in all, there are 1 million choirs and 37 million singers all over Europe. One effort of a choir may just be that decisive nudge that will start the ball rolling. The new inspirational guide therefore describes small and large-scale initiatives from choirs, schools, municipalities and cultural organisations from all over Europe, designed to get children singing and hopes that it will give choirs ideas to take similar initiatives.

The brochure has been published in English, Dutch, French. The German version will be available next week. It can be downloaded freely on the Singing Cities website - and on the website of Koor&Stem I attach the English version and hope you are able to share it with others.

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