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Fwd: The 2nd Nordoff Robbins Plus Conference: "Evaluating music therapy" (June 2015)

The 2nd Nordoff Robbins Plus Conference

Evaluating music therapy:

Considering value, benefit and impact

Tuesday 9th June 2015

Nordoff Robbins London Centre
2 Lissenden Gardens, London, NW5 1PQ


Dr Stuart Wood, Barchester Healthcare

Nordoff Robbins is delighted to bring together leading researchers and practitioners to consider, discuss and debate evaluation in and around music therapy. There is growing pressure to provide evidence of music therapy impact and benefit, and there are debates as to what methods are and are not appropriate. In considering 'value', 'impact' and 'benefit', this conference revisits the kinds of questions that need to be asked, and answered, when seeking to describe, understand, test, and communicate about, music therapy.

Also up for debate is how goal-directed, outcome-focused evaluation approaches fit with the interactive, multifaceted and creative basis for music therapy. In the spirit of the Nordoff Robbins Plus series, speakers and respondents from adjoining disciplines, together with poster presentations and panel discussions, will offer multidisciplinary perspectives leading to robust discussions and debate.

Early bird registration (by 24th April 2015):
Regular fee: £55
Student fee: £25

Abstracts for submissions of posters are invited and welcome from a broad range of disciplines - please click here for further details

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The 2nd Nordoff Robbins Plus Conference is part of London Creativity and Wellbeing Week
4th - 12th June 2015

Giorgos Tsiris

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The 2nd Nordoff Robbins Plus Conference, 9th of June 2015
Evaluating Music Therapy: Considering value, benefit and impact

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