Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fwd: Survey about extent of your music/science overlap

Hello all,

I think this is the first time I'm posting to this list, but I've been
following for a while. I'm not a music researcher, but I'm a science
communicator (former scientist) with an interest in how practicing
musicians or scientists combine both fields - or not, as the case may
be. It started out as observation that many scientists also play a
musical instrument, and many people in my orchestras were also

There is very little actual data on the extent of the overlap, and I
want to emphasize to this group in particular that the current survey
is NOT generating any such data either. It's not scientific, and the
sampling is very biased: People who choose to take this survey are by
and large already interested in both science and music. I'm just
trying to get some vague idea of the extent and direction of the

I'm interested in learning (and one day writing) more about the people
who fall in that area of overlap rather than academically analysing
it, so I hope you will forgive the unscientific nature of the survey,
and please let me know a bit about your own interest in both fields

Eva Amsen

Eva Amsen

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