Wednesday, October 15, 2014

World Voice Day: 16 April 2015




Dear World Voice Day Pivot Friends


Our joint efforts to establish a global celebration of World Voice Day April 16, 2013 and 2014 were extremely successful. This year there were 461 events listed on the webpage, in spite of the fact that the day fell in the middle of Easter week, which is vacation time in many countries.

The dimensions of the WVD celebrations helped many people realize that the voice is a human resource of immense importance to our lives, both as a communication tool and as a musical instrument. Furthermore, the celebration the last two years has created a strong momentum in terms of all contacts that all you pivots have established with a great number of institutions and key persons. This momentum is an asset that should be taken advantage of for next year’s global celebration of World Voice Day, April 16, 2015. The 2013 and 2014 WVD celebration certainly has made it clear to a large portion of the population in a large number of countries that VOICE MATTERS!

The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery has been working for many years on adding a repository of all World Voice Day activities to the Academy website. This society has now decided to refer people to our website instead, and thus to support it as the historical and current repository of World Voice Day activities. This will make the global celebration of the World Voice Day even more impressive.

Against this background, the first step is to ask if you, dear pivots, are willing to assume the same pivot role again?  Please send your hopefully positive response to Johan (email at your earliest convenience, so that the preparation of next year’s celebration can take off. He is looking forward to hearing from you very soon!


     Helen Grech                             Christian Herbst                     Markus Hess

         President of IALP                                          PhD, University of Olomouc              Prof. University of Hamburg-Eppendorf     


    Nasser Kotby                              Outi Kähkönen                      Filipa Lã                                             

Prof. Em. Ain Shams Univ., Kairo             President , European Voice Teachers Assoc.         PhD, Aveiro University                   


       Clark A. Rosen                       Robert T Sataloff                      Ron Scherer

 Prof., Director   Univ. Pittsburgh Voice Center   Prof, Chair The Voice Foundation          Prof. Bowling Green State University                      



                          Graham Welch                                Johan Sundberg

                                Prof. University of London                                                    Prof. Em. KTH, Stockholm