Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fwd: Music SIG Seminar Wed 9 July, 12-1pm in room 938


Music Education Special Interest Group


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Images-schemas and communicative musicality in early infancy: the bodily bases of musical meaning

Isabel Cecilia Martinez, Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina, Argentina


Wednesday 9th July 2014




Room 938


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Image-schemas are recurrent, dynamic instantiations of sensory-motor activity that bring at once “embodied” and “mental” non-conscious, emotional, preverbal meaning to human experience. It is assumed that the origins of image-schemas can be traced as far back as early infancy, emerging in the context of communicative musicality. Every-day adult-infant multimodal interactions would thus provide the enactive scenario where these embodied structures begin to develop in cognition. The talk presents the results of microanalytical data of adult-infant interaction in contexts of communicative musicality where those structures seem to emerge, and then seeks to follow through their developmental path to adult music cognition.

Isabel Cecilia Martínez carried out her PhD in Music, Psychology and Education, at the Department of Music Education, Roehampton Surrey University, UK. She is Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina, where she teaches undergraduate courses on Ear Training and Methodology of Higher Music Education and Teacher Training, and master and doctoral courses as well. She is the Director of the Laboratory for the Study of Musical Experience (LEEM) a Music Research Unit recently created at the UNLP. She leads a research team on Embodied Music Cognition, supervising MA, PhD, and post doctoral students. Her research interest focuses on embodied music cognition: perception, performance and development. She is the current President of SACCoM (Argentine Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music).