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Ionian University International Summer Music Education Academy

Ionian University International Summer Music Education Academy

Department of Music Studies – Ionian University Summer Music Academy

Seminar in Music Education
8th -11th July 2014

"Hear, Listen, Play! The informal practices of popular musicians and
their implications for classrooms and instrumental teaching studios"

Guest Professor: Prof. Lucy Green,
Institute of Education, University of London

It is our great pleasure to host the four-day seminar in Music
Education that is organized during the International Summer Music
Academy 2014 of the Ionian University. This years' seminar is
entitled: "Hear, Listen, Play! The informal practices of popular
musicians and their implications for classrooms and instrumental
teaching studios". The Seminar will take place between the 8th and
11th July 2014 in Corfu. Guest professor is Prof. Lucy Green,
Professor in Music Education, Institute of Education, University of

The seminar is addressed to music teachers of all kinds and
specializations, instrumental teachers in music schools,
conservatoires and studio teaching, university music students and
everyone interested in it. The program includes 6 hours of daily
lectures and workshops (3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the
afternoon). It will take place in the Ionian Academy and in the
premises of the Department of Music Studies in the Old Fortress of
Corfu. The seminar will be held in English. Translation to Greek
language of some parts of conversations and terminologies will
possibly take place. Participants will receive a Certificate of
Attendance from the Summer Academy of Ionian University. There is
limited availability, so please make your reservation as soon as
possible. For reservations please fill in the application form and
mail it to: Your place is ensured only with the
transfer of the suggested amount of money to the bank. Please send the
Number of Transfer or an electronic copy of the receipt to the above

Our aim is that the Summer Music Academy of Ionian University will be
a meeting place for creative dialogue and life-long learning of
participants around issues that refer to the teaching and learning of
music in today's society.

Zoe Dionyssiou
Associate Professor in Music Education, Ionian University

Ioanna Etmektsoglou
Associate Professor in Psychology of Music, Music Therapist, Ionian University

Description of the seminar:

The course will firstly investigate the learning practices of popular
musicians, broadly defined. It will consider how such musicians
acquire their skills and knowledge in the aural, informal sphere; both
as individuals through self-teaching, and as group-members through
peer-directed learning. Focusing on British musicians, their main
approaches, attitudes and values concerning music and music-learning,
can be directly compared with those of other vernacular musicians
including jazz, rock and traditional musicians from many parts of the
world. Whereas formal music educators have developed a range of
sophisticated pedagogic approaches, in many cases these focus on
skills and knowledge which have proved attractive to a minority of
pupils only. By considering how popular and other vernacular musicians
learn, we may be able to open up the world of music education to a
greater range of young learners. Two projects in the UK, lea by
Professor Green, have been bringing informal learning practices into
the formal realms of education. One concerns the high school
classroom, and the other, the classical instrumental lesson. The
course will critically investigate and discuss these projects,
evaluate their findings, and invite participants to relate them to
their own countries and professional contexts.

We will finish with a practical activity in which members work
together to make music by ear in groups of 5 or 6, following the
practices of popular and other vernacular musicians. For this,
participants will need to bring a (chromatic) pitched instrument, or
use one provided by the university; and we will need some additional
small spaces for them to work in. The practical activity will be
followed by class discussions covering: the nature of the research
process; the nature of musical learning and teaching as revealed in
the findings; participants' own experiences as musicians, as learners
and/or as teachers; cross-cultural comparisons between the UK context,
where the research was carried out, and the local context where
participants and work; and what participants have learnt from the
course. We will end with an (informal!) evening performance on the
11th July 2014, which will be held in the Ionian Academy.

Lucy Green's Biographical note
Dr. Lucy Green is Professor of Music Education at the Institute of
Education University of London since 1990. Her main research interests
are in the sociology and philosophy of music, with special relation to
education, social reproduction, musical meaning, gender, identity,
ideology, youth, the pop/classical split, popular music, informal
learning and innovative pedagogy. She led the informal learning
'pathfinder' in the UK national 'Musical Futures' project. This
involved developing and evaluating the adaptation of popular
musicians' informal learning practices for the classroom environment.
Her current research is taking this work forward into instrumental
pedagogy. Lucy is the author of five books and numerous shorter pieces
on music education. She has given keynote lectures and seminars at
conferences and universities in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and
sits on the editorial or advisory boards of a number of journals
including Music Education Research, Radical Musicology, Popular Music
and Gender Research in Music Education.

Some useful websites on Prof. Green's work:

Early bird for reservations up to 10th April 2014:
100,00 € regular price,
80 € for students of other Universities and graduates of the
Department of Music Studies, Ionian University
50 € for students of the Department of Music Studies, Ionian University

Fees for reservations from 11th April to the 30th June (provided there
is availability)
130,00 € regular fee,
100,00 € for students of other Universities and graduates of the
Department of Music Studies, Ionian University
70 € for students of the Department of Music Studies, Ionian University

A small number of nominations for free participation will be given to
students of the Department of Music Studies, Ionian University and
Your participation is ensured only when sending the application form
and the number of the bank transaction to the following e-mail:


There is possibility for accommodation in the Students' Hall of
residence (single and double rooms) with 10 € per person. Subject to

Some hotels have provided discount prices for students of the
International Summer Music Academy of the Ionian University. Hotels
and prices will be announced from this site in April 2014.

Terms and conditions
-The deadline for submission of applications in early bird price is
10th April 2014 and the normal price 30th June 2014 (provided there
are still places available).
-The participation is confirmed once we have received the bank deposit
receipt by e-mail at: -The name of the depositor
must be stated on the bank receipt. All expenses and fees for
international transfers are to be paid by the participant.
-Tuition fees should be paid to the following account:
IBAN: GR37 0172 4510 0054 5105 6646 108
-In case of cancellation of the seminar by the organisers, all money
paid will be returned to the applicants.
-If the applicant withdraws his/her application before the closing
date of application (30th June 2014), he/she will be refunded the sum
of application reduced by 30 euros that will be charged by the
organizers as the cost of administrative support.
-If withdrawal occurs after this date no refund can be made.
- In case there is a serious difficulty on behalf of the tutors in
organising the seminar or part of it, the organisers have the
responsibility to offer a similar seminar to the participants.
-Accommodation expenses are to be paid separately. Those who will stay
at the Hall of Residence of Ionian University will be informed before
their arrival on how to make the payment. The exact number of
available beds and the price will be announced in usually announced in
-Hotel bookings are to be made under personal communication by the participant.
-Ttravel expenses, food and insurance (travel, health, accident, etc.)
are covered by the participants.
-The seminars are open to people of all ages. The parent or legal
guardian who fills in the application form on behalf of the
participant who is under age, declares in writing that he/she agrees
with the fact that the Ionian University can not assume any
responsibility for the supervision of the participant who is under
-At the end of the course participants will receive a certificate
confirming their participation in the seminar.
-The organizers have the right to use audiovisual material from the seminars.
-By submitting their application, participants automatically declare
that they have taken note and accept the terms and conditions of


By e-mail:

By telephone:
- Ioanna Etmektsoglou, Assistant Professor in Psychology of Music,
00302661087531 (every Wednesday 12.00-14.00)
- Zoe Dionyssiou, Assistant Professor in Music Education,
00302661087503 (every Thursday 13.00-15.00)

Postal address:
Department of Music Studies,
Ionian University,
Old Fortress,
Corfu 49100