Sunday, February 9, 2014

CFP - Interdisciplinary conference on Music studies, Vienna, Austria, 28-29.06.2014.

Centre for Research in Social sciences and Humanities

is inviting paper/panel proposals for

Interdisciplinary Conference on Music studies to be held in
Vienna, Austria, 28-29-06. 2014.
Conference venue: ***** Hotel Ambassador Vienna, A-1010 Wien, Kärntner
Straße 22 / Neuer Markt 5, Austria

Music significantly shapes our daily lives, and we are surrounded with
music every day. Level of attachment to music goes that far that young
population in one study stated if on a Desert Island they would miss
music the most (Bahanovich & Collopy, 2009). Music affects our
identity creation, and it sends messages about us as people, i.e. what
we listen may show who we really are. In younger age, music
contributes to the level of acceptance and/or rejection of peers and
music is considered being one of the key elements of life of
youngsters. In more mature age, we still enjoy music by attending
concerts, listening to music on the radio, and whether we know it or
not, music is forming our daily lives.
In schools, we take music classes meant to teach us how to appreciate
music, and how to form a sense for aesthetics. Music is also often
part of tourist offers where countries are presenting themselves as
musical, and where they express pride for having high-class composers.
These and other issues are the subjects of discussion at our
conference. Papers are invited (but not limited to) for the following

Music and education

Music and culture

Music and meaning

Music and nationalism

History of Music

Music and the WWII

Music and youth

Music and identity

Music and fashion

Volk music

Music awards

Media and music

Methodology in researching music

Classic music: past, present and future

Minority music

Diaspora music

Concert life in history and at present

European music

American music

Psychology of music

Music taste


Music and tourism

Prospective participants are also welcome to submit proposals for
their own panels.

Submissions of abstracts (up to 500 words), short bios (up to 100
words), and email contact should be sent to Dr Martina Topić
( by 20th May 2014. Decisions
will be made by 25th May 2014, and payment of the conference fee has
to be made by 1st June 2014.
Finalised Conference programme will be available by 15th June 2014.

The Centre has established a peer review journal, and a working paper
series. Conferene papers will be considered.

We welcome paper proposals from scholars, NGO activists, Master and
PhD students, and independent researchers.

Conference fee is EUR 290, and it includes

The registration fee

Conference bag and folder with materials

Conference publication

Access to the newsletter, and electronic editions of the Centre

Opportunity for participating in future activities of the Centre
(research & co-editing proceedings)

Discount towards participation fee for future conferences

Conference drinks (mineral water and fruit juice)

Coffee-break morning with drinks and pastries

Buffet Lunch

Coffee-break afternoon with drinks and pastries

Buffet Dinner

WLAN during the conference

Conference rate for rooms

Certificate of attendance

Centre for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences is a private
institution founded in December 2013 in Croatia (EU).
We selected Austria as a place for hosting conferences due to
Austria's favourable geographic position, and liberal Visa regime for
conference participants with EU Visa requirements.

Unfortunately, the Centre has no available funds for covering
transport and accommodation in Austria. Participants are responsible
for finding funding to cover transportation and accommodation costs
during the whole period of the conference.

The Centre will not discriminate based on the origin and/or
methodological/paradigmatic approach of prospective conference

Conference drinks, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners are covered for
both days of the conference.

Dr Martina Topić
Research associate

Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities
Zagreb, Croatia

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