Thursday, January 2, 2014

EMR Triple Special Issue on 'Music and Shape'

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to announce the publication of the Triple Special Issue on 'Music and Shape' in Empirical Musicology Review, consisting of 9 target articles and 17 commentaries, which have been developed in response to a conference held in London in July 2012 on 'Music and Shape'.
You are invited to explore the following three broad themes:

Pedagogy and Performance ( articles on the relationship between the shape of gestures and sonic events in vocal lessons of South Indian Karnatak music; the use of musical shaping gestures in rehearsal talk by performers with different levels of hearing impairment; and what it means for professional DJs to shape a set on their turntables.

Motion Shapes ( articles discussing how motiongrams can be used to sonify the shape of human body motion; how pianists' shapes of motion patterns embody musical structure; and how mathematical techniques can be used to quantify shapes of real-time visualizations of sound and music.

Perception and Theory ( articles on cross-cultural representations of musical shapes from the UK, Japan and Papua New Guinea; the evolutionary origins of tonality as a system for the dynamic shaping of affect; and how shaping and co-shaping of 'forms of vitality' in music gives rise to aesthetic experience.

With best wishes,

Mats Küssner and Daniel Leech-Wilkinson
EMR Guest Editors