Monday, December 9, 2013

Fwd: Short-term research post in Optical Music Recognition

A post of Research Associate is available for 8 months from as soon as
possible after 1 January at Lancaster University. The aim of this
AHRC-funded project, a collaboration with Kia Ng at Leeds University,
is to improve the accuracy of Optical Music Recognition (OMR,
conversion of digital images of music scores to symbolic information
about the music by computer) by making use of multiple images of the
same or different scores of the same piece of music, or perhaps of
scores and parts, such as are now available on IMSLP. The role of this
post is to work on software to combine the outputs of existing OMR
programs when applied to different scans of the same music, with the
intention of producing a combined output more accurate than any of the
single outputs.

For details and online applications, see

The time-scale for recruitment is very short. The closing date for
applications is 18 December 2013.

I am happy to answer enquiries about this post.

Alan Marsden


Alan Marsden <>

Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts

Lancaster University, UK