Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Post doc positions

Dear colleagues,
Please spread the following information to researchers who have
obtained their doctoral degree no more than seven years prior to
December 15th 2013.

To further strengthen the research at Örebro university some 15
career-building research positions aimed at promising researchers and
future research leaders are now announced. Within the area of
responsibility of each faculty there is a possibility to appoint up to
five postdoctoral research fellows. National as well as international
advertisement of the fellowships will commence early November and
application deadline is December 15th. Appointments are due in spring

Full-length advertisements including important information on the
fellowships are found at:

One of the postdoctoral positions within Humanities and Social
Sciences may be in musicology and our research environment "Music and
Human Beings".
For further information, please contact

Warm regards,

Eva Georgii-Hemming,
Subject representative, musicology

Örebro University
School of Music, Theater and Art
SE-701 82 Sweden