Wednesday, September 25, 2013

RNCM 2013-14 Research Forum

The RNCM 2013-14 Research Forum commences next week, on Wednesday 2
October from 5.15 -6.45 in RNCM Lecture Theatre.

The 2013-14 series programme is available at:

and can also be accessed via the RNCM Research Forum page at

We open the series on Wednesday 2 October. 5.15 -6.45 with Dr David
Horne (RNCM)

- Virtuosic Instruments

Performers often discover that even challenging pieces may be
idiomatically written for the instrument or voice. But equally, does
the nature of the medium inspire musical ideas? And if so, can
investigation inform performance? This presentation considers a number
of works from various historical periods, with performed

Research Forum is open to all and there is free admission.

We look forward to welcoming you to another year of the RNCM Research Forum.