Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fwd: Final call: Prizes for Reproducibility in Audio and Music Research

*** Call for entries: Prizes for Reproducibility
in Audio and Music Research ***

To promote the development and release of sustainable and reusable
software associated with published research, the SoundSoftware
project will be awarding a number of "Reproducible Research Prizes".
If you have published your software or datasets as part of your audio
or music research output, so that other UK researchers can reproduce
your results, you could win a prize!

** Categories **

1) Journal paper: New submission
2) Conference paper: New submission
3) Journal paper: Already published
4) Conference paper: Already published

** Prizes **

Prizes awarded vary and will depend on the type of work and
affiliation of entrants, but will consist of one of the following:

* Article Processing Charge (APC) to make your paper open access;
* Travel bursary of up to £1000 towards the cost of presenting the work
at a relevant conference or workshop;
* For non-UK researchers, travel bursary to visit a UK institution;
* Alternatives of comparable value as appropriate.

In addition, entrants may be invited to present their work at a
SoundSoftware workshop.

** Deadlines **

Next deadline will be the 19 May 2013

** Homepage **

For updated news and more detailed information, please visit:

For further advice or assistance with preparing your entries, contact
the SoundSoftware project at