Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Music education panel Re: IOE Cultural Week 2013

Call for contributors to International Education and Culture week
(22-26 April) on the topic of Musical Practices and Policies

The IOE SU hosts IEC week every year as a way of celebrating the
talent and diversity of staff and students at the IOE. Through a
series of seminars, workshops, panel discussions and cultural
performances we explore and celebrate education in the broadest sense.
We are delighted to welcome students, staff, guest speakers and
performers to participate in this event.

We have many IOE students and staff from around the world representing
music education in a range of countries, and this call is for those
who would wish to contribute to a session on:

"Musical Practices and public policies across the world: the role of
music education"

The session is planned to run from 12-2pm on Friday 26 April, and the
format will be 10-15minute presentations on a relevant area of study
or research, followed by Q&A for a further 10-15 minutes.

We warmly encourage submissions from IOE students for this session,
and hope to include up to 6 students (there is a possibility of
extending the length of the session if more applications are

Submission details
To be considered for a place at this session please send an informal
abstract on the topic you would like to speak about (suggested length
200 words) to Susan McGrath at
s.mcgrath@ioe.ac.uk<mailto:s.mcgrath@ioe.ac.uk> as soon as possible,
but by 5th April at the latest.