Monday, March 25, 2013

FREE INSET COURSE: Succeeding through vision based leadership and group power

Succeeding through vision based leadership and group power. A free
course that presents the benefits of agile and lean thinking, systemic
work, and the group as a catalyst for getting things done!
Room 938 Institute of Education, University of London 20 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AL
Thursday 4 April 2013 10.00am–16:30pm
For further details and to book a place contact: Dr Evangelos Himonides

Book Now! this course has limited availability; the maximum number of
participants is 12!
priority will be given to:
§. Doctoral Research Students;
§. Early Career Researchers;
§. Professional Members of Staff that are
involved in project management and project administration.
The session is going to be videotaped for research purposes. Booking
gives consent to being videotaped.
In the second part of the session (after lunch) you will have the
opportunity to interact with a prototype virtual social learning game.
Please bring your laptop with you (Windows 7 or 8 only) if you have
access to either the IoE Wireless network or Eduroam.
Clinicians: Dr Eija Makirintala & Dr Olli-Pekka Makirintala, Altonova
Ltd, Finland.