Wednesday, December 19, 2012

International Summer School in Sheffield: Call for participation

Dear all

The Music Mind Machine research center, Department of Music, the
University of Sheffield, will host coming July (8th-11th) an
International Summer School on Musical Understanding: Philosophical,
Psychological and Neuroscientific approaches.

Confirmed speakers are Corrado Sinigaglia (University of Milan); Katie
Overy (University of Edinburgh); Tuomas Eerola (University of
Jyväskylä); Nikki Dibben and Renee Timmers (University of Sheffield).

The Summer school will focus on:

1) Interdisciplinary approach to musical understanding
2) Mirror neurons and the enactive aspects of musicality
3) Emotional feedback in musical experience

What phenomenological experiences are connected to musical engagement
and understanding? What is the role of the bodily motor knowledge in
the sense-giving process of musical comprehension? What faculties
underlie musical understanding and how are these reflected in
neuroscientific and psychological findings?

The summer school will investigate musical understanding from
philosophical, psychological and neuroscientific perspectives and will
address the raised questions through presentations, discussions,
reading groups, and analysis of empirical work conducted before and
during the summer school. The aim of the school is to provide an
opportunity to engage with cutting edge research, interact with
leading academics and participate actively in debate, research design,
analysis and presentation.

Open to graduate students with a clear interest and some prior
experience with psychology of music.
We would be most grateful if you could circulate this email among your
colleagues and students.

Please have a look at the official Summer School's webpage for further

Thank you very much for your time and consideration

All the very best

The International Summer School on Musical Understanding Committee
(A. Schiavio, Y. Arthurs, S. Bramley, T. Veltri, Dr. N. Dibben and Dr.
R. Timmers)
Department of Music, University of Sheffield
34, Leavygreave Road, Sheffield, S3 7RD

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fwd: PhD Scholarships in Music at Hull University


PhD Scholarships in Music for September 2013 at Hull University. The
deadline for applications is 11 January 2013. Music scholarships are
available in the following areas:

Composition (Supervision available in acoustic and electro-acoustic practise)
Musicology (Preference for Nineteenth/Twentieth Century British Music)
Performance Studies including conducting.

Research specialisms of music staff are listed on the website and
these include psychology of music, perception/cognition, film,
jazz/popular music, music and words, music theatre, and music

For further information, please visit the Hull University website:

Call for papers: Creative teaching for creative learning in higher academic music education

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Liz Haddon <>
Date: 13 December 2012 11:42
Subject: Call for papers

** The Music and Science list is managed by the Institute of Musical
Research ( as a bulletin board and discussion
forum for researchers working at the shared boundaries of science and
music. ** MESSAGE FOLLOWS: On Monday 13 May 2013 the Music Department
at the University of York will be hosting a seminar day funded by The
Higher Education Academy as part of their discipline workshop and
seminar series, entitled:

Creative teaching for creative learning in higher academic music education

Creativity and creative skills are recognised as key attributes for
music students. This event will bring together higher music education
colleagues to learn about, share and discuss their experiences of
teaching creatively to facilitate creative learning, focusing on the
processes and techniques of creative teaching, particularly those
connected to academic, rather than practical learning.

The event will:

- explore and explain how lecturers conceptualise creativity;

- demonstrate how music lecturers construct their academic teaching to
develop creative skills in students;

- provide significant insights into our understanding of the
intersection of creative teaching and creative learning.

The seminar will explore creative teaching in higher music learning
focusing on academic (rather than practical) areas, although there
will inevitably be some overlap as practical work and composition will
be discussed within the parameters of academic teaching. The event
will feature presentations from 1) Keynote speaker (Dr Pamela Burnard,
Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge); 2) Invited speakers
working in higher music education; 3) A reflective student feedback

Call for papers

Proposals of no more than 200 words are invited for consideration for
20-minute spoken papers (each to be followed by 10 minutes for
questions and discussion). Please provide your name, email address,
institution and title of paper, and send proposals to Liz Haddon,
Research Fellow, Music Department, University of York, Heslington,
York YO10 5DD or email by 1st February 2013.


Dr Evangelos Himonides
Institute of Education
University of London

Thursday, December 6, 2012