Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Planning your summer? Here's an exciting and dynamic course to refresh and inspire your music teaching & performing 25-29 July 2011

Planning your summer? Here's notice of

The exciting and dynamic practical psychology course

to refresh and inspire Music Teachers & Performers

25-29 July, by the sea, in Wales

Including step-by-step playing by ear and improvising, for fun and for teaching

(no previous experience necessary) and fresh approaches for dealing
with performance anxiety.

"Something new and valuable happens every time"  Course Participants

Tutor Lucinda Mackworth-Young

"A leading authority...a lightness of touch...very entertaining!"

Open to all instrumental and singing teachers, performers and
students, the course can be attended as a whole (recommended), or on a
daily basis.

Aiming to satisfy the interests and needs of everyone present, the
course heightens awareness of the energy or spirit in lessons and
performances, affirms and deepens you in your intuition, develops your
psychological understanding of what's needed for effective and
enjoyable lessons and performances, and offers a wealth of practical,
technical and musical tips -including step-by-step playing by ear and
improvisation. And there are performance opportunites.

There is also time to relax and explore the local coast and
countryside, listen to the daily lunchtime and evening concerts, swim
in the sea, and even learn Welsh Dancing!

Further details attached. Contact Lucinda Mackworth-Young
musicmindmovement@btinternet.com 07850 912006

Lucinda Mackworth-Young MA GTCL is an experienced concert pianist and teacher.

She is also a pioneering consultant, lecturer and writer in psychology
for musicians.

Well known for her entertaining approach, shedding light on many of
the problems encountered daily and offering a wealth of tips, she puts
psychology into relevant and practical forms to refresh and inspire
music teaching, learning and performing.

One of her visions is for all who learn to feel able to play with full
bodied heart, soul and enjoyment, and no anxiety. Another is for all
to learn not only through note reading, but also by ear and through

She runs courses under her association, Music, Mind and Movement and
provides course work for the leading professional development courses
run by the Associated Board, the Incorporated Society of Musicians and
the European Piano Teacher's Association and was appointed EPTA UK's
Director of the Practical Piano Teaching Course in 2008.

She also writes extensively and has had many articles and chapters
published in Rhinegold, Faber, ABRSM and EPTA publications. Her highly
successful and readable book: "TUNING IN: Practical Psychology for
Musicians" was published in 2001.