Thursday, May 20, 2010

CIM-SEMPRE Study Day & Workshop on Emotion and Expectation

CIM-SEMPRE Study Day &
Workshop on Emotion and Expectation
22nd July 2010, Department of Music, University of Sheffield, UK
Call for poster presentations
Submission deadline: 30th May 2010
As a pre-event to the Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology: Nature versus
Culture, a CIM-SEMPRE Study Day for postgraduate students is
organised, including
a Workshop on Emotion and Expectation, discussion of a book section / papers
related to Emotion and Expectation, and a poster session. The day will
be from 12.30
– 17.30. The workshop and discussion will be led by Prof. David Huron from Ohio
State University.
Proposals for poster presentations are invited related to the theme of
Emotion and
Expectation including studies of emotional responses to music,
expectations in music
listeners, models of musical expectation or emotion, expression of emotion in
performance, cross-cultural comparisons of statistical characteristics
of music, etc.
Presentations of students with a wider domain of interest will be
considered as well,
although presentations closely related to the topic will be given priority.
Format of poster presentation proposals:
Title, Author(s), Affiliation, Abstract of around 500 words.
Registration fee will be £20 or £15 for CIM10 attendees.
Please e-mail submissions to
Questions can also be directed to:
CIM10 website:
Department Website:
Organisers: Dr Nicola Dibben & Dr Renee Timmers, Department of Music,
University of Sheffield, UK.