Friday, March 31, 2017

Fwd: Extended deadline 6 April - sIREN Conference Arts and Digital Practices



sIREN Conference 2017: Arts and Digital Practices


ECA – Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, 30 – 31 May 2017



sIREN  'Arts and Digital Practices' Conference will explore digital practices and their social impact in contemporary artistic contexts. It seeks to create an interdisciplinary platform of communication among artistic practices, technologies, theory, artistic collaboration and digital media.


This conference will provide an arena for academics across disciplines for extending the debate of interdisciplinary practices and their appropriate methods  as well as their potential. We welcome and encourage proposals for papers across a wide range of related subject areas – such as fine and digital media art, architectural design, music and sound studies, geography, anthropology, cultural and film studies. The themes of the conference are:


  • The intersection of art and science
  • Digital arts and urbanism
  • Data analysis in art practice
  • Computation and creative processes



  • Celia Lury (Director of Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick) 
  • Nicolas Donin (IRCAM, Paris) 
  • Peter Sinclair (Locus Sonus Sound Lab) 
  • Jen Southern (CeMoRe, Lancaster University)


  • Trevor Wishart (Institute of Sonology) "Sound Loom / Composers Desktop Project" software tools for (non-realtime) sound sculpting.
  • Kristina Andersen (STEIM, Amsterdam) "Hypothetical Instruments" building non-functional instruments and other machines for creative expression.
  • Chris Speed (ECA, Design Informatics) "Re-imagining the city as a value platform" reimagine the city as a platform for smart contracts using GPS and the cryptocurrency Ether.

Please send a 300-word abstract to , with subject heading "sIREN Conference 2017: Arts & Digital Practices", by April 6th 2017.

Academic committee: Prof Richard Coyne, Prof Chris Speed, Prof Peter Nelson, Dr Jules Rawlinson, Dr Martin Parker, Dr Owen Green, Mr Yati Durant


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