Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fwd: summer school "Music, Language and Cognition"

International summer school: Music, language and cognition

Como Lake 26-30 June, 2017

University of Milano Bicocca, University of Pavia, Conservatory of Como


The Summer School "Music, Language and Cognition" offers an extended overview of complex behavioral events whose existence is time dependent, including language, music and body movement. We focus on how sounds, melodies, rhythm and syntactic information in music and language may afford the extraction of regularities, the generation of expectations, the coordination of perception and action, the directing of attention, and the priming of interactive social behavior. Lecturers will be integrated by brain storming and students presentations.

Topics: Biology and Evolution, Syntax and Music, Neuroscience of Music, Social interaction and Education, Movement-Time and rehabilitation.

Speakers: Alice Mado Proverbio, Ani Patel, Eckart Altenmuller, Henkjan Honing, Ian Cross, Jessica Grahn, Martin Rohrmeir, Stephan Koelsch, Susan Hallam, Tecumseh Fitch, Tom Fritz.

Organizing committee

  • Maria Teresa Guasti (University of Milano-Bicocca)
  • Ian Cross (Cambridge University)
  • Tecumseh Fitch (University of Vienna)
  • Noemi Ancona  (University of Pavia)
  • Luca Bassetto (Conservatorio Como)
  • Antonio Grande (Conservatorio Como)
  • Natale Stucchi (University of Milano-Bicocca)
  • Tomaso Vecchi (University of Pavia)
--    Maria Teresa Guasti  Professor of linguistics and language acquisition  Department of Psychology  University of Milano Bicocca  P.zza Ateneo Nuovo 1  20126 Milano