Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fwd: MTF Research Network

Hi everyone,

I would like to invite you to attend an academic symposium about music and technology taking place as part of the Music Tech Fest Scandinavia in Umeå. The festival is a three day event from the 29th to the 31st of May, and is followed by the symposium on the 1st of June. We like to think of it as the ‘afterparty’...

The MTF Research symposium ( will be taking place at HUMlabX at the Umeå University Arts Campus. At the event, we will be launching the MTF Research Network - an international interdisciplinary group working to actively develop new, collaborative research projects. We will also be formally launching our partnership with Innovation in Music - a UK-based peer-reviewed journal and conference that will provide a publication outlet for those projects.

The research symposium at Umeå University focuses on the new research field of Human Music Interaction (HMI) - a field that brings together and bridges computer science, cultural studies, biomedical research, musicology - and every other academic endeavour that explores the relationship between human beings and musical expression. We will also be including industry research in our umbrella organisation.

At our first MTF Research meeting, the Music Tech Fest ‘Afterparty’ symposium at Microsoft Research in Boston in March 2014, we drafted the Manifesto for the Future of Music Technology Research (, coordinated by Jonathan Sterne and Nancy Baym. That document has come to express our central ethos, and is the founding document for the research network programme. We’d love you to read and, if you agree, undersign. 

1) Learn more about #MTFScandi and why we’re in Umeå:
2) For information about #MTFResearch:
3) To sign up to attend the free academic symposium on June 1st:
4) If you’d like to also present your research on the festival main stage, please complete this form

I hope you can join us for the festival and stay for the symposium on Monday. To book the hotel at our massively discounted rates, go to and click the +More button when you're ordering. Enter the code 'MusicTech'.

All the best,

Andrew Dubber
Professor of Music Industry Innovation, Birmingham City University
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