Friday, November 1, 2013

Deadline today (Nov 1st) for the Sonic Signatures Symposium

Sonic Signatures Symposium
Aalborg University hosts the Sonic Signatures Symposium for PhD
students and postdoctoral researchers 9th – 11th of April 2014.
Registration is FREE. Deadline for applications to participate is Nov.
1st 2013. ATTENDANCE IS FOR PARTICIPANTS ONLY - you can only attend if
you apply before the deadline.

The symposium will look at the way the sound of gesture, character,
space and the environment can define a musical personality or genre in
recorded popular music. This will include:

Presentations by each of the invited speakers where they discuss some
aspect of their research or practice and answer questions from the
Participants give a short description of their PhD / current research
in which they can flag up any issues that they would like advice,
discussion and feedback on
The event will bring together practice led research and theoretical /
analytical research to find common ground and approaches
Workshops by the keynote speakers in which participants examine some
selected musical examples and work through some of the concepts
presented by the keynotes
Industry panel discussion where the practicalities of the issues and
the ways in which the theory relates to practice can be explored
Classic tracks presentation where the sonic characteristics - both in
relation to performances and technological mediation - will be
examined through some close scrutiny of multitrack master recordings.
Continual networking opportunities throughout the days and evenings
where participants will mix socially with the keynotes and panelists

Speakers include:
Richard James Burgess: has worked as a producer, performer and remixer
with artists as varied as Adam Ant, Tony Visconti, Lou Reed, Trevor
Horn, Kate Bush, Youssou N'Dour and Spandau Ballet
Anne Danielsen: (professor at the University of Oslo) will address the
sonically distinctive character of digital mediation. She will have a
particular focus on microrhythmic manipulation and autotuning.
Martin Knakkergaard: (associate professor at Aalborg University)
Tore Simonsen: (professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music)
Simon Zagorski-Thomas: (reader at the London College of Music) will
examine how theories of ecological perception, embodied cognition and
the social construction of technology can be used to understand the
kinds of invariant properties that may characterise sonic signatures.
These sonic cartoons, schematic musical representations of gesture,
character and space, will be examined in relation to the people,
technologies, institutions and places that produce them.

Industry Panel Chaired by Katia Isakoff: will include Richard James
Burgess, Karsten Dahlgaard (Delgado) and others.

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