Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Call for Papers - 22nd European Association for Music Conference

Call for papers: European Association for Music in Schools

Submissions are invited for the 22nd European Association for Music in
Schools Conference which will be hosted by the Cyprus Music Institute
and the Department of Music and Dance of the University of Nicosia.

Invited Speakers
-Dr Lucy Green, Professor in Music Education, Institute of Education,
UK -Dr Mary Koutselini, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction,
University of Cyprus, Cyprus UNESCO's chair holder in Gender Equality
and Empowerment -Dr Adam Ockelford, Professor of Music Director,
Applied Music Research Centre, University of Roehampton, UK

The conference aims to gather together an array of international
scholars, researchers, graduate students, teachers and practitioners
to discuss democracy, diversity and inclusiveness in the context of
music education in schools.
In practice, we sometimes fail to appreciate our students as a diverse
group, instead expecting a more or less homogeneous way of
understanding everything that is taught in relation to the theoretical
skills of their age group as defined by developmental psychology or to
abstract curriculum achievement standards determined by experts. Under
such circumstances, we risk delivering an idealized and pre-set
curriculum to all students, without considering the students'
differences, peculiarities, experiences, preferences. But is it
democratic to teach each student the same way, with standardized
activities, listening material and objectives, simply on the basis of
their common age?

The conference seeks to encourage and stimulate discussion in regards
to questions like:
What do we mean by "music education for all"? Who are our learners?
What are their needs? What obstacles do they face in their learning
and how do we deal with these? How about our students' musical
preferences or musical background? What is their view of Music as a
school subject and what is their involvement in outside school music
activities? What do they value in music? How do we maximize the
learning opportunities and participation of all our learners?

Proposals are invited for a) Research Papers (20 min), b) Good
practice/ educational experience papers or project report (20 min), c)
Workshops (60 or 90 min), or d) Posters.

Criteria for acceptance: original, well conducted and reported work,
clearly focused, well structured, related to the conference theme,
relevant to international audience in the field of music education,
demonstrating sufficient command of the English language.
a. For a research paper: a clear rationale and context for the
research question, theoretical background, methods and main findings
b. For a good practice/educational experience paper or project report:
a clear description of the context and main purposes, applications for
music education c. For a workshop: a clear description of the
background information and main purposes, content and skills during
the workshop, through hands-on activities d. For a poster: as for
spoken papers

Submissions may be in the form of:
Abstracts should not exceed 300 words, indicating the format of the
proposal and mentioning at least three keywords. Submit in the same
file a short curriculum vitae (max. 100 words).

Please download the submission form from the conference web site.
Submit proposal forms by email to the EAS.

Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2013

Submitted proposals will be peer-reviewed by an international
scientific committee. Applicants will be notified of the committee's
decision via email, by January 10, 2013.

Conference fee Early bird (Payment before 15 March 2014) €160
Late payment €190

You are required to be a member of EAS to join the conference.

Conference fee and membership fee (25 euro for individuals and 100
euro for institutions) can be paid at the same time. For details,
please check the conference website.

For more information please contact Dr Natassa Economidou Stavrou,
chair of the organizing committee, at