Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Conference: The Lure of the New

Call for abstracts:

The annual conference of the Cognition Institute, Plymouth University,
will be held March 20-22, 2013. The conference will be structured
around seven themed oral symposia and poster sessions. In addition
evening events include a reception and CogTalk debate to mark the
official launch of the Cognition Institute, and a SciScreen film
The Keynote address will be given by the Head of Programs at the INCF:
Linda Lanyon: Toward globally collaborative science: the International
Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility.



• Sounds for Communication
• Embodied Cognition and Mental Simulation
• Developments in infant speech perception
• Engineering Creativity - can the arts help scientific research
more directly?
• Computational Modelling of Brain Processes
• Current trends in deception research
• Imagery, Dance and Creativity

The programme can be found here:

Registration is now open and details of how to apply as well as how to
submit an abstract proposal can be found here:

For all conference enquiries please contact Martin Coath at: