Thursday, December 30, 2010

Invitations to bid for an evaluation of the perceived significance of small research grants in the music education and music psychology research community

SEMPRE wishes to commission research into the benefits of small
research grants (i.e. , of awards of £10,000 or less) to the music
education and music psychology research community.
It seeks proposals from active researchers who would be willing to
undertake a detailed survey of UK-­‐based researchers in
music-­‐related topics to establish clearly documented evidence,
including case studies, of whether or not small grants offer
significant and lasting impact on research careers and research
The research should be completed within the calendar year 2011,
including a written interim report that will be considered by the
SEMPRE Committee at its mid-­‐year meeting in May 2011 and a final
report at its December meeting.
Up to £5,000 is available to cover salary costs (which could include
teaching replacement or buy-­‐out for full-­‐time academic staff) and
an additional £1000 is available for direct research costs.
Expressions of interest should contain: (i) a specification of how
the research would be carried out, including detail of the
constituencies to be approached (such as NAHMHE (National Association
of Heads of Music in Higher Education), RSM, Heads of Research in all
the Conservatoires and award holders [past/present] of small research
grants); (ii) a timetable (bearing in mind the reporting needs for May
and December); and (iii) a budget.
Such expressions should be sent to Professor Graham Welch (SEMPRE
Chair) by email at, no later than 31 January 2011.
In addition, applicants should indicate their experience and
qualifications for undertaking a project such as this by including an
overview cv.
It is expected that the outcomes will be announced in early February
2011 and that the research will commence later that month.